AZ Balloon Classic

img_7728img_7727img_7720-1 img_7765-1FLANNEL: Dear John // PANTS: Dear John // HAT: Forever 21 // BOOTS: Haute Look // SUNNIES: Ray-Ban // DIAPER BAG: Petunia Pickle Bottom // IAN’S SHIRT: Target (on sale!) // KENNEDYS ONESIE: Carters

Yesterday we made a great decision to check out the Arizona Balloon Classic! We brought a blanket and just laid out on it watching the sunset and balloons rise and glow. We had hot cocoa and it was just a nice, relaxing evening as a family :).

As a new mom I learn something new everyday and this one was another one for the books….I always make it a point to pack extra clothes for Kenny in case she has an accident, but last night I should have packed THREE extra outfits. When we first got to the balloon festival, it was mid seventies (Arizona winter is pretty fantastic) so I just had her wearing a long sleeve onesie. But once the sun set, it got pretty cold so I put her in her super plush polar bear onesie and she decided to do a sneeze/cough/poop and she turned part of the outfit from Polar Bear into Brown Bear. I thought I was okay just changing her onesie and putting the bear onesie back on…nope, the whole inside was just covered. I had some extra swaddles so I changed her onesie again and wrapped her up in it…2 minutes later she spits up all over that! Little girl loves keeping mommy on her toes, and usually gives a coy little smile as if she knows what she just did. We were all out of clothes, so we wrapped her up in my jacket and the blanket we were sitting on and Kennedy was nice and toasty again.

We will be headed to see snow soon at some point during this Christmas break and I can’t wait! I honestly haaaate cold weather but love seeing the snow once a year. 🙂 Stay tuned! And hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend!



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  1. From polar bear into brown bear! So funny! Sometimes there is nothing you can do but laugh! Xxx

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