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The Vintage Blonde - Bambo NatureThe Vintage Blonde - Bambo NatureThe Vintage Blonde - Bambo NatureThe Vintage Blonde - Bambo NatureThe Vintage Blonde - Bambo NatureThe Vintage Blonde - Bambo NatureThe Vintage Blonde - Bambo Nature

Kennedy just turned 5 months old today and let me tell you, I have tried and tested nearly every diaper out there. I remember the first few weeks of bringing her home she got the worst diaper rash and it broke my heart. I felt so terrible! I did a lot of research and didn’t realize all the nasty chemicals that are in standard diapers; carcinogens, fragrance, heavy metals, just to name a few. I knew then that Kennedy was ultra sensitive and I was on the hunt for something more natural for her skin. The first few brands of organic diapers I tried were complete no go’s. I remember purchasing one pack that I couldn’t even put on Kennedy because it looked and felt like cardboard. A few other brands I tried looked pretty but would leak or just wouldn’t move with her as she would roll about. Then we tried Bambo Nature and I am not kidding, these are the BEST diapers we’ve ever used. I have to share because these diapers are so good and the hunt is finally over. Not only are they eco friendly but they are also completely skin friendly and moveable. I love them because they are ultra thin but also ultra absorbent. Kennedy sleeps through the night but with other diapers we’ve used she would leak through them causing her to wake up. I’d have to make it a point to wake up and change her 2-3 times a night or else I’d wake up to a soaked baby. With Bambo Nature she gets a full night of sleep (as do I) due to their maximum absorbency and we haven’t had a leak problem since. And these diapers can handle a blow out. Man oh man, Kennedy has had some bad poopers and these diapers have been able to hold it all in. Bambo is one of the only diapers with a breathable backsheet, which ensures that the skin can breathe; keeping the skin drier. Kennedy’s skin has honestly never been better and I’m extremely happy with their quality. I also find it interesting that the  inner fluff of the diaper is made from timber from 100% certified sustainable resources. I love them and if you’re looking for a great diaper, they are the best we’ve used yet.  I am honestly so happy we found these and trust me, once you use these you wont try another brand of diaper again.



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