Central Park 

The Vintage Blonde - Central ParkThe Vintage Blonde - Central Park
The Vintage Blonde - Central Park

DRESS: (sold out, similar here, here & here) // RING SLING: Sakura Bloom (the color is Ink) // CHOKER: A’Gaci Store // SANDALS: A’Gaci Store // KENNEDY’S ONESIE: Carters // BOW: Zozu Baby // TOOTHBRUSH: Mam Baby // IAN’S SHIRT: Cariloha 

Ok…so I am totally Central Park spamming you & posting these pictures so late. #lazymcghee I was in love with New York city and if the houses weren’t so teeny tiny & insanely priced I would want to move there in a heart beat. Everyone laughs at me when I say that because I can’t stand being cold and apparently the winters there are pretty miserable.

I wore her in her ring sling & I was really hoping she would stay awake for some of our “photoshoot” but as soon as I put her in it she almost immediately fell asleep…happens EVERY TIME. If you are looking for something to put your little babe to sleep this is it, works like a charm! I love ring slings too because they are great for travel, super easy and light and you can just fold it up and throw it in your diaper bag when it’s not in use.

Also, Kennedy would not put down her toothbrush the entire trip! I packed 4 or 5 as she’s been obsessed with them and we only lost one…in the subway so I just left it there. *gross*

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, more pictures up from our trip SOON!



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