Disney Land 

Wow, I am LAZY. Just now getting these pictures up.

KENNEDY LOVED DISNEY LAND!  Seriously, it was absolutely amazinggg. We weren’t sure how she would handle meeting the characters (she HATED Santa) but she was in love! She got so excited and didn’t want to let go. Everyone told us “oohh, she’s too young”, “she wont remember” etc. etc. but I would go back and recommend it in a heartbeat. Ian and I were smiling ear to ear the entire time and it was just so amazing seeing her SO excited like that. The only thing I would suggest is to stay at one of the hotels/resorts right next to Disney. We just went for the day and come 3pm with no nap, it was time to go! She didn’t have a meltdown but did NOT want to sleep and wanted nothing to do with the stroller. So more so, Ian and I were exhausted from carrying her. Disney is no joke, we walked 10.4 miles from 9am-3pm. So next time it would be great to stay somewhere walking distance to go back for a nap and relax for a bit and then go back to the park.


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  1. SWOONING over that picture of her hugging goofy…precious.

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