Dysport Update + Q&A

I am so excited to share with you all my experience with Carly. It’s been 3 weeks now and if you saw my stories you saw that I had Dysport done to help with some lines on my forehead that were starting to bother me. I’m the type of girl that’s been meticulous about skincare since I was 13 (thanks mom!) but I am also a crazy expressive person and I had this one little line that would show and stay for longer than I wanted. ? I started to notice it here and there in pictures and decided, what the heck! I’m just gonna get rid of it ??  It was something I went back and forth about doing and ultimately I am SO happy that I did it and would do it again in a heartbeat. A lot of you had questions (a lot of repeat ones) so I put together a little Q&A with Carly answering 🙂

Q: If you get Botox and stop will the wrinkles come back worse? A: No they will actually probably be a little better. Over time as we age though obviously our wrinkles are going to get worse. So they may seem that way once all the product wears off.

Q: How do I choose between Dysport and Botox? What’s the difference? A: Dysport and Botox act in the same way and have the same active ingredient. They are just two different brands and have different additives in them. Like Advil and Aleve. It’s all a personal preference but I prefer Dysport and so do most of my clients.

Q: How often do you recommend coming in? A: Botox and Dysport usually last 3-4 months. If you are starting to get deeper lines it’s good to stay on top of it. If not for more prevention it’s good to come about every 4-6 months!

Q: Cost? Dysport and Botox A: Dysport is $5/unit and Botox is $10/unit. You usually need twice as many units of Dysport. So cost is about equal. I recommend on planning to spend $175-$400.

Q: Can you get laser treatments after Botox? Age laser or laser hair removal? A: There are no restrictions on other skin care treatments after Botox! We just recommend waiting about a week or two because it takes two full weeks for it to set in.

Q: Is Botox just for the forehead? Can it be used for eye wrinkles? A: It can be used in so many areas! Forehead, in between the brows (elevens), crows feet, brow lift, bunny lines, prevention of gummy smile, smoker lines, lip pops, masseter muscle! So much!

Q: How old do you have to be to get it? I always thought it was for older people…? A: There is no age restriction. I recommended not getting it unless you need it! Haha most of the time for prevention purposes it will be after 21!

Q: When do you see results and how long does it last? A: It starts 3-4 days to start kicking in and then full results are in two weeks. It usually lasts 3-4 months.

And I just wanted to say that ever since I had it done I’ve felt like my skin is noticeably brighter and clearer. I am obsessed! And you CAN still show emotion and expression without looking overdone or like a deer in headlights. ? I am really happy with the results and highly highly recommend Carly if you live in Arizona or are traveling here. 🙂 she is SO good and literally the sweetest person! And the best part was it was QUICK! It took 10-15 minutes and is something you can get done while you’re out running errands or on a lunch break. I was out and about with Kennedy and popped in for my appointment with her and it was a breeze.

You can schedule your appointment with her here. And the office is located at

8994 E. Desert Cove Ave Scottsdale, AZ 85260

They also offer a ton of other services that you can find on their website! Let me know if you’re interested in anything in particular and I can help answer any questions you may have! ❤️

And I will be updating with some before and afters soon! I recently got a new phone and my old pictures didn’t transfer over so once I figure it out I will add them. ?? in the meantime you can watch the video of me getting it done here.


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