Gifts For Beauty Lovers

I wanted to put together a quick list of some of my favorite beauty products this year. Some of these items I have been using for years and some of them I have newly fell in love with. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Beauty Blender – I have probably bought 6 of these by now and they are amazing. I tried to be cheap and buy a knock off version once and it was NOT the same. For flawless foundation application, you need one of these. I know $24 seems like a lot for a little sponge but its so worth it. Also available here, here and here.
  2. Lipsense Lipsticks – You may or may not have heard of this company but omg, its amazing. This lipstick is so good. I kiss Kennedy probably 500+ times a day and now I don’t have to worry about getting lipstick all over her, this lipstick does not come off and it lasts alllll day. My favorite color is the blu-red and I am obsessed. Its $55 to start and that includes a color, gloss and remover. Warning: you will be addicted. You can get 15% off your purchase with code Kelly16
  3. Flirt Lash Applicator –  This little tool makes applying faux lashes extremely easy. Must have if you suck at putting faux lashes on like I do.
  4. Hoola Bronzer – By far my favorite bronzer out there. Its matte so its perfect for everyday.
  5. Makeup Bag – Forever 21 always has the cutest bags. Easy peasy stocking stuffer.
  6. Eyeko FAT eyeliner – This eyeliner is amazing! Stila is a close second but I feel like the Eyeko lasts forever. So smooth and a dark, rich black.
  7. Fromm 1907 blowdryer – Every stylist I have ever seen has always “complained” about how how it takes to dry my hair…I have a lot of it and drying it is a task. This dryer has seriously sped up the process and it has an amazing smoothing feature that I love. Its quiet and lightweight too which is a major plus.
  8. All the Osea Malibu Products – I can’t say enough good things about this brand, completely obsessed. I have bought their cleansing mud & white algae mask over and over and all their products are a win. I am using their sea mineral spray every morning and I always feel so refreshed.
  9. Nip & Fab Cleansing Pads – I love how these remove all the extra dirt and grim. If I am feeling ultra lazy about cleansing my face (bad, I know) I will use these on the go.
  10. Spongefuls – I love these little sponges so much! They are infused with naturally-derived soap and body wash, for a great natural clean. Each sponge is super soft and will provide a relaxing spa-like experience the entire family. Simply wet the sponge with warm water & squeeze to create gentle cleansing suds that leave you soft, smooth, clean and totally relaxed.
  11. Function Of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner–  This is the perfect customized gift. You can even put your name on the bottle. Perfect for your mom, sister, wife, gf, etc. And you can customize to their specific hair type and even pick the shampoo/conditioner color and scent. For $5 off click here.



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