Hello Fresh

We recently had the opportunity to try out Hello Fresh and man oh man, it was AMAZING.  I am probably the worst cook out there and I made this dinners perfectly, they were so good! And my favorite part was they were quick and easy to make too. I have tried working with cookbooks and the recipes are always so complicated and you end up with a ton of leftover ingredients that you’ll probably never use again. This meal plan comes with everything perfectly measured out so there’s no waste.

We had the winner winner chicken orzo (favorite!), creamy mushroom pork chops and the upgraded steak and potatoes and I would recommend all three to anyone.

^it was SO GOOD – I want to use them again and again! ^ & if you’re feeling extra fancy you can plate it on something like this (found at home goods) This is what happened when you put the sous chef down ^ She was so funny and likes to “help out” and haaated it when I put her down out of view of everything.

Hello Fresh makes the perfect gift and they offer gift cards…makes for the PERFECT gift if you have someone hard to shop for, because who doesn’t like food?



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  1. I’ve been wanting to try Hello Fresh. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love it! It makes me feel like such a good chef even though I am NOT at all.

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