The Imperial Sand Dunes

TANK: Thistle & Finn // KIMONO: Thistle & Finn // SHORTS: One Teaspoon // SHOES: Birks // HAT: San Diego Hat Company // KENNEDY’S MOCCS: Freshly Picked // KENNEDY’S HAREM PANTS: Amazon

We decided to stop by the Sand Dunes on our way to California and I was obsessed! Pics don’t even do it justice and I can’t wait to go back. The views were so amazing! We stopped for some quick pictures but next time we definitely want to rent some dune buggies. 🙂 And if you go, wear some CLOSED toe shoes. Holy crap, the sand was HOT. We are from Arizona and I feel like I’m used to running across the hot ground but this sand was unbearable, every time it got in my sandal I winced. haha, not good! Ian ran back to the car for his sneakers and I ended up throwing some pants on Kennedy but next time we definitely want to go in the evening when it cools off a bit.





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