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Skip the tanning bed and protect your skin, there’s plenty of other ways to achieve that “perfect” tan without the sun. These days we ladies know better than to coat our skin in oil and bake all day in the sunshine. I love a good glow, but I’ll opt for a self-tanner and skip the premature aging and skin damage please. Noooo thank you! Once I hit 20 I really started amping up my skin care routine and diligently adding SPF. This left me looking like Casper the Ghost (no shame) which led me to and experimenting with sunless tanners.
I went to our local Walmart and bought the JERGENS® Natural Glow® Daily Moisturizer and the JERGENS® Natural Glow® Instant Sun® Sunless Tanning Mousse. There’s a Walmart Neighborhood Market super close to us and there is never any lines so its super convenient. If you’re aiming for a dark tan, but you have light skin, try starting out with the fair to light lotion and when you achieve some color, then move to the medium to dark. I like using the natural glow daily for every day (at least until I build the color I want). And the instant sun is perfect if you have an event to go to and want instant results.

The Vintage Blonde - JERGENS review The Vintage Blonde - JERGENS review

Here’s a little step by step tutorial to help you along the way…I personally prefer to use self-tanners in the evening, that way I can tan before bed and wake to a shower and bronzed skin.

  • Exfoliate like crazy before application. One of the most important steps for self-tanning is to exfoliate your skin. Before you get started, hop into the shower and give your skin a good scrub with your favorite exfoliater. Also, avoid shaving immediately before (or after) applying self tanner.
  • When your skin is nice and clean, towel off and make sure you are completely dry. Once you’re dry, apply a barrier lotion onto your fingernails, toenails and cuticles to avoid discoloration. I also like to apply a thin layer to my knees, elbows, toes, ankle bones (anywhere that is normally dry) to limit the absorption of DHA in those areas.
  • Wear gloves or use your favorite tanning mitt. If you don’t have either I like to wash my hands after each limb. I like to apply it in the tub because I can be a little messy and it makes for an easy clean up without getting it everywhere.

The Vintage Blonde - JERGENS review

  • When you are ready to apply begin at your feet and work your way up to avoid creasing the color by bending over. Apply your JERGENS® lotion in circular motions and feather it out onto hands and feet. Once your entire body (with the exception of your palms and the bottom of your feet) has an even coat of self-tanner on it, apply another layer of your favorite regular lotion around your wrists, ankles, elbows, the backs of your knees and underarms. Basically you are slightly diluting the color in these areas that naturally appear lighter on your body. This will make your tan appear most realistic.
  • Wait at least ten minutes before putting any clothes on and voila, a gorgeous, natural looking tan.

The Vintage Blonde - JERGENS review

Having a little glow to my skin makes me feel a thousand times more confident in a pair of shorts, a skirt or a dress. I highly, highly recommend JERGENS® Natural Glow®. I could see results after the first use, and I love that you can continue to gradually build up color until you’re happy with your tan, and from there you can easily maintain it by applying the tanner every few days. I also have no issues with this fading- it fades evenly and doesn’t leave any blotchiness behind!
The Vintage Blonde - JERGENS review

Do you feel better with a tan? Let me know!



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