Little Unicorn Diaper Backpack

The Vintage Blonde - Little Unicorn Diaper BackpackThe Vintage Blonde - Little Unicorn Diaper BackpackThe Vintage Blonde - Little Unicorn Diaper BackpackThe Vintage Blonde - Little Unicorn Diaper Backpack
I received this Little Unicorn Diaper Backpack from The Baby Cubby and have been loving it! Not only is it roomy but it’s 7 pockets are easy to access and it comes with a protective iPad pocket which is perfect for travel. We actually just got home from vacation and I used this as my carry on it and it was perfect. So roomy and I got so many compliments on it.

It’s convenient as a backpack, but can be converted to a messenger bag if you prefer that setting. It’s super comfortable, I pack my bags with A LOT of stuff (it’s a problem) and this bag didn’t pull or strain my shoulders like some bags do. I also love how it’s completely gender neutral so my husband doesn’t mind wearing it either. My sister actually had no clue it was a diaper bag and asked if she could borrow it 🙂 You’ll love this bag!

A diaper bag is probably one of the top things you’ll need as a new mom and  you’ll use it daily. Picking the right one for you can be completely overwhelming, especially as there are hundreds of styles out there.  The Baby Cubby has a wonderful buying guide to help you make your decision. I have always loved the backpack styles as you can be hands free and they are great for travel and hiking, which we do a lot of. The weekender styles are also a favorite of mine as they are so roomy and you can really pack them full. The buying guide also has a nice list of what to pack as a new mom. I remember I was completely clueless at first when it came to what to pack and how much so this little list is super great if you’re a first time mama.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing on it. Your opinion on backpack diaper bag is praiseworthy. I also gather to have knowledge. it is stylish and durable.

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