Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

The Vintage Blonde - Lorena Canals The Vintage Blonde - Lorena Canals The Vintage Blonde - Lorena Canals The Vintage Blonde - Lorena Canals The Vintage Blonde - Lorena CanalsThe Vintage Blonde - Lorena CanalsI am so excited about this beautiful pink rug that we just added to Kennedy’s nursery. Wait for it…it’s machine washable! I know right? So amazing! Our house is a bit of a zoo these days with a dog, three cats and a baby. Things are bound to get messy from time to time and this rug is so perfect for families like ours. For some reason ALL the pets gravitate to Kennedy’s room bringing in dirt, dust and pet hair and keeping a rug clean was near impossible. Before I found Lorena Canals I had a rug in her room that Kennedy spit up on and it’s basically ruined now, it has that crunchy/crispy spot that I can’t get soft again. Before I could even take pictures and get this post up she had a massive spit up on it and minutes later I spilled an entire green smoothie on it, go figure it would be me to make a mess. One simple wash later, it’s as good as new! You can even put these rugs in the dryer, just make sure its on a low setting. We hung ours outside to dry as its already so hot here. I went with the Hippy Soft Pink style which matches Kennedy’s nursery perfectly, I love how it has the fringe on the edges. That style also comes in blue, yellow, and mint. They have so many choices and the hardest part is picking one out. We are in the process of redecorating our bedroom and living room so I will for sure be getting some more for those rooms. Love this mixed blend one that would go with anything. This company uses natural materials which makes me so much more comfortable having Kennedy on it. It’s free of toxic dyes and chemicals and anti-allergen. Keeping toxic chemicals away from her is a huge deal for me so finding eco friendly products is always a win. Check them out and you wont be disappointed!

*For full nursery details, check out my nursery reveal post.



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