Memorial Day 

KENNEDY’S ONESIE: Carters // RED, WHITE & BLUE DRESS: Little Me // SWIMSUIT: Gymboree // MY STRIPED ONE PIECE – PacSun // SHOES: Nordstrom *on sale!* (similar here & here and love these)

Phew…I am finally (very slowly) getting this pictures up and added to the blog. Didn’t help that I just spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out how to plug our internet back in… *_* (thanks babe!) NOT thanks to the cats who unplugged it. Speaking of cats…I am so not happy with Stuart. Since we’ve been back from vacation I’ve now found 16 bottle nipples and/or pacifiers where he’s completely bit the tip off. He opens drawers and cabinets to get to them and I swear he has a secret stash hidden somewhere because I keep finding them. ahghhhhhhh

Now back to my post! These pictures are from Memorial Day weekend. I’m pretty new to ring slinging and am quickly becoming obsessed. Kennedy will 9 times out of 10 fall asleep in the sling and it is so comfortable! I love how easy it is for travel too and how you can easily throw it in your bag. The sling I’m wearing here is from Sakura Bloom and the color is ink. They have such gorgeous colors (helllooo new pink color) and you won’t be disappointed. This trail is RIGHT behind (maybe in front of?) Ian’s parents house and I am in love. The green and nature there is so gorgeous and I loved it. It was raining and such a nice change from our 115 degree weather. We are going back for Christmas and I can’t wait…hoping these trees will be sprinkled with snow when we go back. 🙂

Next post will be pictures in Baltimore so stay tuned!!! Sorry this was such a quick post…Kennedy is up now and we’ve got some errands to run!




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