Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail 

The Vintage Blonde - Munchkin STEP Diaper PailThe Vintage Blonde - Munchkin STEP Diaper PailThe Vintage Blonde - Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail
The Vintage Blonde - Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail
We recently added Munchkin’s STEP Diaper Pail to Kennedy’s nursery and I truly love it! Not only is it sleek and modern but it does its job and looks beautiful in her room.

I love this diaper pail because it’s so easy to use and switching the bag out is a breeze! The foot lever makes it super easy to dispose dirty diapers and the twisting technology keeps the the smell of dirty diapers contained in the pail and not emitted upon opening the pail. When emptying the pail, you simply hit a button which opens the front, allowing you to easily access the bag of dirty diapers. The previous diaper pail we had made it so difficult to change once it was full and the latch kept popping off the hook which was super annoying. This one we have had no issues with and I feel like it contains the smell COMPLETELY.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this product; it is absolutely essential for any nursery and would flow nicely in any room. We are actually thinking about getting a second one for our laundry room  aka the cats room as I think it would be perfect to use for dirty cat litter as well.

And a very cool thing that Munchkin is doing, for every pail purchased they will plant a tree. You can read more about the Seedling Project here. I think it’s so amazing that they do this and is an added bonus to an already wonderful product.



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