Munchkin x Project Orca

Project OrcaProject OrcaProject OrcaProject OrcaProject OrcaProject OrcaProject OrcaWe are so excited to team up with Munchkin to help spread the word about Project Orca. A bathtub isn’t big enough for an orca ??After 10 years of making an orca toy, Munchkin decided to put their principles before their profits and have removed the top-selling toy from their sea squirt lineup. As a response to the harmful practice of keeping orcas in captivity, a practice still in effect today, they have decided to kick-start a donation of $1,000,000 to develop the first sea side orca sanctuary in the United States via Project Orca.

Kasatka, a nearly 42-year-old killer whale that SeaWorld calls the matriarch of its orca family, died recently marking the second orca death in a month at its marine parks and the third so far this year. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Kasatka was captured near Iceland in 1978 and arrived at the San Diego park that same year.  Orcas are highly intelligent and socially complex mammals who evolved to spend their lives in the oceans.When they are taken from the ocean and put in concrete tanks on display (or born into captivity) they experience a number of problems which include:
● Shorter lifespan
● Immune system dysfunction and increased infections
● Behavioral abnormalities, i.e., stereotypes, hyper-aggression, self-mutilation
● Difficulties raising their children to adulthood/high mortality rate (because they do not
get to learn how to raise their children within a natural social group)

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This post was sponsored by Munchkin, Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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