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Kennedy just turned 3 months old and I wanted to share some more of my new mom must haves and product favorites.  I created a list when she was 1 month old and wanted to add some things that I cant live with out as well as update if I am still using the items I previously listed or what I think of them now…

  • Boppy Newborn Lounger – I received this as a baby shower gift and seriously use it so dang much. I tote this thing all over the house. When I shower or do my makeup I’ll just prop her up in it, so nice as a new mom so you can see her and not worry about her crying in another room. We also use it every morning in bed, just sit her next to us while we have our morning coffee and at night on the couch while we watch our shows. I just like having her close and when I’m not holding her this is the perfect thing. update: This says its good for babies up to 16 lbs and although Kennedy is under that she is now too long for it. I will still sit her in it and shes comfortable but I will place a pillow under her legs so shes not kicking up off the floor.
  • Pump Strap – My oh my is this a huge must have, everyone who pumps needs this. When you pump you have to hold up the bottles and it’s such a pain and so time consuming. Before I had this I would just sit on the couch holding my bottle(s) staring at the clock waiting to be done. With this you can just strap your pumps to your chest and have the ability to be hands free. It’s so nice because I can actually breastfeed her on one breast and pump on the other at the same time. It’s seriously ingenious, completely affordable and every new mom needs one. I’ll for sure be buying it as gifts for any upcoming baby showers. update: I still use this almost everyday. It just really helps when your double pumping and need your hands free. For 30% off your order use offer code BLONDE30
  • Nursing bras – You will definitely want a really good nursing bra. Ripe Maternity has the best ones and I wish I had only got my bras from them. I got a few others and they’ve either broke already or are just completely uncomfortable. These ones are sooo cozy and have stood up well. Highly recommend them if you plan on breast feeding. update: I ended up ordering 2 more of these nursing bras…they are still my favorite.
  • Bellify Pillow – I wish I had found this when I was pregnant. It’s a pregnancy and nursing pillow and is seriously amazing. I love it because unlike other nursing pillows you can move it around and position it to exactly how you want it. It’s my favorite because its moldable and moves as you move so you’re not stuck in the same position while feeding. I also love it because it’s compact and doesn’t take up a ton of room.  We have some trips coming up and I’ll for sure be bringing it on the plane with me. update: Kennedy is going through a phase where she either likes to completely lay down for nursing or she likes to sit propped up and this pillow has continued to be amazing. I will continue to use it when shes outgrown it as well as its amazing to prop between your legs for sleeping…so comfortable.
  • Diaper Cream Applicator – I never realized how handy this would be until you don’t use it. Makes applying diaper cream so much easier and cleaner. update: Since my last post I’ve since bought two more. I keep one upstairs, one downstairs, and one in my diaper bag. So handy! I have also got it as a little add on gift for friends baby showers…so good!
  • Nipple Balm – The first few weeks of breast feeding were pretty brutal, ouch!  I love the nipple balm from Zoe Organics. It’s made of only food grade ingredients so you don’t have to worry about wiping it off before a feed. It soothes, protects and made my nips feel like new again. ? It also doesn’t leave oil stains on my bras like a few other creams I’ve used. update: I no longer need this as a nipple balm but continue to use it as a lip balm.
  • Mothers Milk Tea – If you plan to breast feed I highly recommend this tea. When Kennedy was about 2 weeks old I couldn’t keep up with her feedings and felt my milk was coming in slow. This tea majorly upped my milk supply. I can now pump 7-9 oz from each breast is one sitting, it’s crazy. Fair warning though: drink it in the morning…I first drank it at night and woke up to a flood in the bed that no nipple pad could of stopped. For the first week I drank it every night and now I drink it one to two times a week and my milk supply has been consistent. You can find it at most grocery stores, I usually get mine from Target or Sprouts. update: I still drink this at least once a week. Kennedy has been going through a growth spurt and this tea saves me. I am still able to pump 7-8oz from each boob and its helped me to be able to keep up with her insane eating schedule.
  • Lalabu Soothe Shirt – I am going to be so sad when Kennedy gets too big for this. It’s so great when you’re in a hurry and want an option for easy baby wearing. You can see my full review for it here, seriously obsessed. update: Still using this daily! I am so in love with it and Kennedy still fits great in it. She is almost 14 lbs, 22 inches long and it still works great at her size.
  • Bottle Sterilizer –  I’m a little bit off a germophobe so I had to have a bottle sterilizer. I love the one from Dr. Browns. It sterilizes 6 bottles in 12 minutes and leaves them noticeably cleaner. I originally had tried the sterilize option in the dishwasher and it left my bottles yellowed and old looking, now I’ll just hand-wash and throw them in the sterilizer and they’re good to go. I also use it for her pacifiers and plastic toys every now and then when I feel like they’ve fallen somewhere gross. update: Still use this once or twice a week, definitely think every new mom should have one. Saves time from having to boil everything and I love how you can sterilize 6 bottles + toys/pacifiers all at once.
  • Owlet Smart Sock – This would probably be number one on my list as far as new mom must haves, it gives such peace of mind when you have a newborn. I was constantly checking Kennedy every few minutes to make sure she was still breathing and this takes away that anxiety. update: This is still probably my #1 must have. It is such a stress reliever and really does work. I love it too because its so easy to travel with and continue to use on our vacations. You can read my full review on it here  and get $20 off with this link. Its definitely worth the money and I’d recommend it again and again.
  • Dry Shampoo – This one is so random but so needed as a new mommy. I will co-bath with Kenny but washing my hair is way too hard to do in the bath while holding her. My favorite is by Living Proof  or a good cheap option is by Batiste and it smells so good. update: haha still a major mommy must have…this has been such a lifesaver on days where I have somewhere to be and not enough time to wash and dry my hair.

And here’s the items I’ve added…

  • Extra Breast Pump – I know insurance now covers a breast pump and that’s amazing but from my experience I would highly recommend having a secondary one as well. I did a lot of research and decided to go with the Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump and absolutely love it. I love it because its got three pumping styles and eight adjustable suction levels which makes it great finding the right setting that works best for you. My other pump just has a dial and it can get painful or too intense at times which can make pumping uncomfortable. I also love this pump because you can travel with it so easily and its surprisingly really quiet. The Lansinoh can also be battery powered and it has a built in compartment which was actually a lifesaver for me, we had a mini earthquake with a power outage and I was SO happy I had this pump (and batteries!) You have to buy a separate battery adapter for most other pumps which a lot of people don’t think about until an emergency. And another fabulous thing about this pump is that is a closed system design, which reduces mold and bacteria growth and making super easy to clean. Amazon has it a little cheaper where you can get it here.
  • A Good Baby Brush – Kennedy has the longest, thickest hair I have ever seen on a baby and I honestly really didn’t think much about brushing it. She would wake up and I would tousle it a bit and it would look great. We had a cheap brush I would use every so often that came in a safety kit I purchased and that was that. Well last month I noticed her scalp starting to flake and I felt terrible. Our pediatrician said she had a mild case of cradle cap and to get a really good brush to help. After doing some research I found the Berry Best Baby Brush and started using it at least once a day. The brush is so soft and helps stimulate the babies scalp and Kennedy’s scalp is now completely healthy and back to normal. The packaging is also super great so it would make a wonderful baby shower gift for any new mom. Definitely worth the money and its a brush that will last a lifetime.
  • A Great Lipstick – If I am in a rush and have one product to use, its a good red lipstick. I have been using M.A.C Cosmetics Ruby Woo for years but recently have been exploring some new reds and here are a few of my favorites… Makeup Forever’s in N45 – Red Satin , this one has been on repeat lately…its super smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips, it also fades into a stain so it lasts all day.Kat Von D in Countess , this is the perfect shade of red with that orange hint. I love this if I want more of a pop in color. I also love Underage Red, its a matte finish if you like those its a really great one.
  • Hooded Towels – Kennedy HAS to have a hooded towel coming out of the bath, especially in this colder weather. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen multiple hooded towel pictures and she is all smiles. Some of our favorites here, here, here and here.
  • Nosefrida – Trust me, you need this. This thing is absolutely amazing. I never would of thought that babies could have such huge boogers! When you first look at the picture of this thing it looks gross but the snot/boogers come nowhere near to your mouth. Its also sooo much cleaner than the standard bulb which has no real way of being thoroughly cleaned. And Kennedy doesn’t mind it at all, she giggles when I use this on her and it instantly clears her nose.

I am sure I will add more as time goes on and she gets older but for now these are my must haves! Hope it helps some of you new mamas out there!


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  1. Have you heard of the oogiebear? I could never quite get the hang of the nose frida but the oogiebear has been a lifesaver!

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