Pinnacle Peak

The Vintage Blonde

PANTS: Nike // HAT: Forever 21  // BABY CARRIER: Lalabu // SUNNIES: Quay // SHOES: Nike // KENNEDY’S HAT: Bitty Stitches // ONESIE: Carters  // DIAPER BACKPACK: Twelve Little

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE. We stayed in and watched movies in our jammies and it was the best. We got a bottle of champagne to celebrate but completely forgot about it. It’s now been over a year since I’ve had a drink and I weirdly don’t miss it. I really thought after pregnancy I’d crave that margarita or glass of wine but I just haven’t yet.  My sister in law is coming into town tonight so maybe I will finally have a glass of wine or something to celebrate her arrival. <3

We have been trying to get out and hike a lot more and went to one of our favorites, Pinnacle Peak. Kennedy has been a monster eater these past couple days so I made sure to extra feed her before we left. She started to get a little fussy in the car so I nursed her again in the car before our hike. Well…halfway up she decides she’s hungry again but doesn’t want to eat unless I am moving as well. So here I am walking, feeding her and sweating up a storm. I feel like I am pretty out of shape still and normally make multiple “catch my breath” stops up the mountain and this little girl would not let me stop. #bestpersonaltrainerever We are going on another hike this weekend and I am prepared to get my butt kicked.




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