Summer Daze 

The Vintage Blonde - Lack Of Color Boater
The Vintage Blonde - Lack Of Color BoaterThe Vintage BlondeThe Vintage Blonde - Lack Of Color Boater
The Vintage Blonde - Lack Of Color BoaterThe Vintage Blonde - Lack Of Color Boater
ROMPER: A’Gaci // SHOES: A’Gaci // HAT: Lack Of Color // SUNNIES: Ray-Ban // NECKLACE: The Silver Wren // BRACELETS: Alex And Ani // KENNEDY’S ONESIE: Live Styled Shop // HEADBAND: Mag Soul

Ok, so it’s not really summer yet but it’s definitely starting to feel like it. We spent most of our Saturday outside and it was amazing! Ian started playing on a men’s hockey league so we did that on Sunday (he scored two goals…go baby!) and then we came home and napped, well I napped and it was seriously so good!

Yesterday Kennedy woke up in the middle of the night with a cough…it scared me *paranoid mommy* and I had always assumed (or maybe someone told me) that breastfed babies couldn’t get sick. Anyways, don’t google symptoms because that just left me feeling terrible and anxious. Our pediatrician was able to see her that morning and thankfully it’s just a common cold. If you are in the Scottsdale area and looking for a good pediatrician, I highly recommend Agave Pediatrics, great doctors and answered the million questions I had. We got home and I turned our bathroom into a sauna as recommended by the doctor. I put some Mummy’s Miracle Baby Vapor Rub on her chest and the bottom of her feet and we did coconut oil hair treatments while we just sat in the steam. So good! My favorite coconut oil right now is by Kopari and I use it daily on Kennedy instead of baby oil. Leaves her smelling like a tropical vacation + it’s amazing for her skin. I have also been using coconut oil for oil pulling…my new favorite way to do it is with CocoClear, its virgin coconut oil and 100% pure essential oil that are in convenient one-time use tubes. It makes your breath smell minty fresh and I feel like my teeth have been noticeably whiter.

I had to add these pictures of Kennedy with our dog, Chloe. Kennedy is learning to sit up on her own and would pull up on Chloe’s collar to sit herself up…it was the cutest! She kept accidentally poking poor Chloe in the eye and she didn’t seem to mind it at all, just laid there licking her. #babiesbestfriend

img_3528 img_3524

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



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