Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter completely crept up on me this year…time just fly’s on by when you have a baby! Luckily I have been buying things here and there for Kennedy’s Easter basket and am almost ready to go. We just need to make one last Target run for some eggs to hide in the yard. We are pretty healthy eaters so instead of tons of candy I plan on filling her eggs with toys and snacks. But I’m not a monster, candy is delicious so we did get some all natural lollipops from Sprouts and the Annies fruit snacks which I had to hide from myself because they are delicious. I linked up some of the items we got for Kennedy’s basket. How cute is this bunny backpack and lunchbox  from Skip Hop? I’m so excited for her to open! Hope you all have a very hoppy Easter! 😉


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