Nap Time Made Easier

Kennedy has never been much of a napper…at most she would nap in 20 minute increments which at times made it difficult for me to get anything done around the house. The first day we used the DockATot she slept for THREE HOURS. THREE! I cleaned the house, took a real shower, painted my nails and seriously didn’t know what to do with myself. As I am typing this now she is sleeping in it and its amazing.

Not only is it amazing for co-sleeping, but we use this on the daily all over the house for lounging, playtime and for when I’m trying to get some chores done and not wanting her to roll around all over the house. It’s also great to bring along when we go to my parents so she has a safe place to nap there or when I’m outside in the garden and want her close. I’m obsessed with this thing and it’s definitely getting a ton of use from us.

The startle or “moro” reflex is a natural reflex for babies between birth and 6 months. The startle reflex may only last a few seconds, but some babies can startle themselves awake during sleep. Kennedy would always wake from this and stay awake and I’ve noticed when she’s in the DockATot and this happens she will fall right back asleep due to its comforting sides and cushioning effect.

I love that the material is a breathable 100% cotton and it has a cover for easy cleaning if needed. They also make adorable replacement covers that come in so many fun prints and patterns. A few of my favorites here, here & here. Kennedy had a spit up accident in hers and I simply washed in cold water with baby detergent, air dried and its as good as new.

Right now Kennedy is in the DockATot Deluxe which is perfect for babies 0-8 months old. For reference Kennedy is 4 months old and 27 inches long and she definitely has plenty more room to grow with it. It’s 29 inches long, 34 inches long with the clips open. They also have a grand size which is for ages  9-36 months and we will definitely be upgrading to that when the time comes.

The Vintage Blonde - DockATot
The Vintage Blonde - DockATotThe Vintage Blonde - DockATot

(Kennedy isn’t the only one who loves it!)

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