Lions, Tigers and Beards

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BEANIE: Krochet Kids Intl the 5207.5 // SUNGLASSES: Oakley Holbrook // CARDIGAN: Haggar Marl Shawl // THERMAL SHIRT: Forever 21 // GLOVES: Coal Connors Fingerless Gloves // JEANS: Levi’s 501 Original Fit // SOCKS: Express Rectangular Basket Weave // SHOES: Nike Air Mogan Custom

We seriously love this park so much. You can get really close to the animals and its so much more enjoyable than your average zoo. The baby bear is Sycamore and he was such a treat to watch. He rolled around in the snow and reminded us of our dog, Chloe. If you need a good day trip or happen to be in the area, check it out. They also have a zip line there that zips right over the animals with the most spectacular views. Out of Africa is a blast!

Speaking of Africa…Ian’s hat is from Krochet Kids, which is great because they are all about providing opportunity for people in need. This hat in particular was made by a woman in Uganda with a heartwarming story of being orphaned because the war, being held captive, and now Krochet Kids has given her the opportunity to better her children’s lives and pay for their education. The hat is great quality and you can feel the love that she put into it. Each item you purchase from Krochet Kids helps provide work and opportunity for someone who truly needs it and is happy to create these incredible products for you. And each item is signed by the person who made it, and you can go on to the KK website and read their story.

The Vintage Blonde

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  1. such a creative title!!!


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