I decided to write a post about my favorite hair care products and tools. But first off, let talk extensions. And this is going to be about about clip in extensions because I hate any other kind. I have tried sew ins (my roots were turning into dreadlocks by the end, no joke it was gross), beads (nope, too painful!), and glue-ins/tape which I also just hated due to the fact that (for me) they didn’t stay put.  My main reason for hating any other kind of extensions is that I like to be able take them out at night or before a hot yoga class and be able style them tons of different ways without people knowing I have them in. Its also nice being able to brush your scalp freely (ahhh) without worrying about them ripping out. I figure it would be easiest to do a little FAQ….so here it goes.

Q: What kind of extensions do you use?

I used to use Euronext Premium Remy 18 inch extensions, I used this particular brand for almost 5 years (eek) but as time went on and my real hair got longer these no longer worked for me, the 18 inch is the longest they have in that brand. I recently just switched to Laced Hair Extensions and I am seriously in love. They are 21 inch and the perfect length for my hair. I will definitely continue to use these and they are a lot thicker than the Euronext ones. They also come with 5 wefts instead of the usual four that most brands come with which is so great. The main thing to remember when buying extensions is to make sure its 100% pure human remy hair, anything else is just going to look terrible and fake.

Q: How do I choose my color online?

This is seriously the hardest part. Its so scary buying something like hair online without being able to hold it up to your real hair to color match….but honestly Lacy from Laced Hair Extensions was amazing. I actually sent her multiple pictures of my hair and she suggested which one would be best. And in my opinion its a perfect match. I am not quite a platinum blonde and went with the 16/22, if your like me I would suggest that one. There are 7 blonde choices to choose from though so you can’t go wrong with finding the right match. Also, they have brunette, black, red and ombré.

Q: How should I care for my extensions?

I rarely ever sleep in mine. For me, I toss and turn too much and wake up looking a hot mess. If you do decide to sleep in them or maybe you’re staying somewhere where you cant readily take them out, be sure to braid them. This will help tremendously with tangles and you wont wake up looking like you’ve been through a tornado.  Another thing is I rarely wash them…which may sound gross but it actually isn’t because they aren’t attached to your head so they will never be oily. I think I have only ever washed them after walking through a casino or being at a campfire….the smoke really seeps into the hair and its pretty awful. Avoid those settings if you can. When I do wash them I like to use Main ‘n Tail, I feel like its not too harsh on the hair and keeps them strong. Another good product for washing is the Cinderella shampoo and conditioner. And never, I repeat never blow dry them….my husband has gotten so used to seeing hair everywhere (sorry babe!) and its pretty funny…I will lay them out allllll over the floor to air dry. I do use hot tools on them though and keep in mind this will damage them a bit sooner but its the same thing as your normal hair. I usually buy new extensions every 5-6 months, but that’s just me. You can also have your hairdresser trim them if they get too ratty as well as blend them to your own hair if you have layers or a special haircut.

Q: Can you feel them when they are in?

A funny story regarding this….When my husband and I first started dating things were getting passionate (tmi?) and he grabbed my head with both hands and totally felt them. It was so awkward and neither of us wanted to address it at first haha he thought I had been in an accident or something and had a metal plate in the back of my head. With that being said…you can feel them if you try hard enough or if someone is grabbing on to your head. You can’t see them though and they aren’t painful or anything. I forget mine are in and you get used to it.


  1. Tangle Teezer: I love this little brush, it painlessly removes tangles and knots and it also amazing if you have extensions. The design of this brush minimizes breakage and damage as well.
  2. Moroccan Oil: This is the holy grail of hair care products. I don’t know how many times I have reordered this stuff, its seriously amazing. I put this in my hair when its wet and also use on the ends when its feeling dry. It keeps your hair looking and feeling so healthy.
  3. Mason Pearson Brush: This brush is everything and will honestly last you a lifetime. This brush IS worth the hype. Its made of boar bristles and they feel sooo good on your scalp. Leaves my hair super shiny and static free. If I happen to leave this brush out our cat will rub up against it and roll on it over and over(this brush only)…so it must be good right?
  4. Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner: I have been using this stuff for years and it smells super good. Peppermint, Sage and Rosemary are the high notes and its so refreshing. It also has zero sulfates which is a major plus.
  5. Victoria’s Secret Leave-In Conditioner: I use this as a detangler and it works great. It leaves my hair super soft and shiny and smells amazing. It  leaves your hair smelling like perfume but not too overpowering.



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