Gray, White, & Blue

IMG_3880Hot Man IMG_3902 IMG_3907 IMG_3926 IMG_3944 IMG_3960 IMG_3963 IMG_3982 IMG_3986 IMG_3999IMG_4007IMG_4018IMG_4046

IMG_4047 IMG_4054 IMG_4056 IMG_4062 IMG_4067 IMG_4075 IMG_4141 IMG_4167

imageSWEATER: Kora Rae // BOYFRIEND JEANS: Urban Outfitters  (similar here & here) // SHOES: Converse // BAG: Top Shop // SUNNIES: Ray-Ban • On Ian: SHIRT: Hanes // JEANS: Levi’s // SHOES: DC (on sale!) // Sunnies: Oakley

We totally didn’t match on purpose, both walked out wearing the same colors and went with it. We spent the day at DC Ranch today, seriously the cutest little town. We decided we for sure want to retire there. Its full of the cutest little shops and restaurants and the weather was absolute perfection today, not a cloud in the sky. 🌞

Its been a busy week for us, we are close to closing on our new house and have now started packing. I. Hate. Packing. I wish a magic genie could just pack up and move everything for us. 🙌 Its exciting though, cant wait to finally be in there and start decorating. I feel like I will be on Pinterest a lot in the next few weeks for inspiration and organization ideas.

Quick little tidbit about the boyfriend sweater I’m wearing…I love love love it. Ian and I are both huge animal supporters and Kora Rae dedicates a portion of every sale to sponsor the National Tiger Sanctuary in Saddlebrooke, Missouri. I admire and support companies that do that. Plus, its super well made and a perfect staple item. Its thick and is bubble-like fabric piped with duchess satin at the collar, hem and sleeves…gives it a girly touch. Check them out!

Anyhoo, its time for me to start cooking dinner and to grub out. 🍕 jk, no pizza for us tonight. I have started to get better about cooking “real” dinners and have actually been enjoying it. Minus a kitchen explosion incident that happened on Christmas, more on that later though! Have to run!



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