19 Week Update

SOOOO happy its Friday…I feel like its been such a long week! Looking forward to the lake tomorrow and getting some sun. The high today is 101° 🌞 How am I going to survive summer? But it really is a dry heat here in Arizona so hopefully its not too too bad. I just ordered some stuff by Mama Mio and one of the things I got is a cooling leg gel…will for sure update on how it works…hoping it helps!

How far along?  19 weeks…the size of a mango (my favorite!)

Total weight gain: 135 still…15 lb gain! The doctor said to expect a 5-7 lb increase in the next month and said that’s just blood weight. *ew*  Blood volume slowly increases by 40-50%.

Maternity clothes: Mainly for work…rotating between the few dresses I’ve got and wearing long stretchy maxi skirts. And just bought a few cutesy tops from Etsy that say “preggers” & “baby mama” on them….just fun to wear out and about. 🙂 Pictures of those soon.

Symptoms: Falling asleep early…ha, I always manage to fall asleep on the couch before our show is over. And a bit of sciatic nerve pain on my drives to and from work….my drive should be only 30 minutes but in traffic it takes me about an hour both ways. the. worst. I found that taking my shoes off and kind of leaning back helps a lot.

Food cravings: None really! Pretty boring.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing at all.

Workouts: Started going for nightly walks and trying to get out hiking more. The picture above is right outside our house so its sooo nice to walk out there.

Wedding rings on/off: On!

Stretch marks? None! Thank goodness….been piling on the belly butter though.

Have you felt the baby move? Yes! Such a cool feeling but still patiently waiting for that first real kick. The doctor actually told me that because of my height and long torso that I may not feel her for another 3-4 weeks or so…also because of how she’s positioned in there right now…the placenta is blocking her kicks.Trying to be patient.

Gender: GIRL!

Best moment this week: We just had our anatomy ultrasound done and it was ahhhmazing. I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time while she was checking each and every thing but it turns out our baby girl is perfectly healthy and everything looks good. We couldn’t be happier. Its always so cool seeing her move around in there. Next ultrasound wont be until week 30.


 Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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