Mother’s Day + 20 Week Update.

We went up to Payson for Mother’s Day weekend and it was super pretty and  super cold. We usually go up there for holidays and birthdays and have a picnic and hike and its sooo nice up there. Its nice to escape the heat sometimes. We hiked about 5 miles this time and it was such a good time with the family. My mom was skipping and dancing around the forest and it was hilarious. (possible video coming soon!) Hope everyone else enjoyed their Mother’s Day. 🙂 Also…I have talked about these boots before but they are seriously amazing for long hikes. My dad was skeptical at first because they are “so cute” haha but they are the most comfortable hiking boots I own and completely waterproof. I got them at Nike and they come in a few other colors as well. Highly recommend. imageimage image imageimageimage image image imageimage

And now for my weekly update…I feel like time is just flying by!

How far along?  20 weeks – baby is the size of a banana or a whoopee cushion according to the dad comparisons. HALFWAY THERE!!!

Total weight gain: 136ish…sometimes 137. Which would be a 16-17 lb weight gain so far. Crazy.

Maternity clothes: Same as last week…but I recently bought these & these from PacSun and am obsessed. I seriously wish I could wear them everyday. SO comfy!

Symptoms: I had my first night of restless/up all night sleep and it was the worst. I forgot to take my sleepy nights before bed and now I swear by it. I now take 4 droppers full mixed in juice before bed and it helps soooo much. Ugh, I love my sleep.

Food cravings: Just lots and lots of fruit.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing at all. Except I learned the hard way to always take my prenatal’s at night after dinner. I thought I would be fine taking them after lunch and got sooo sick. Uck, it was awful.

Workouts: I am so horrible with this. I am so bad at being motivated to workout. We do hike quite a bit though and I started doing some bum workouts so at least there’s that.

Wedding rings on/off: On! Pretty sure they will be on for awhile…no finger swelling here yet.

Stretch marks? None! Hoping I will be like my mama….4 kids and she is stretch mark free. BUT….I have been alternating between the Mama Mio tummy rub butter and the Mama Bee belly butter  just as a preventative.

Have you felt the baby move? Ugh, yes but still just the flutters. Or I can feel what feels like a rolling sensation. But no hard kicks yet….patiently waiting. I have an anterior facing placenta so the Dr. said it will take a bit longer to feel her moving.

Gender: GIRL!

The Vintage Blonde Hope everyone has an amazing week!




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  1. Great post! Which style shoe are those hiking boots on


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