Antelope Canyon

imageimage image image image image imageimageimage image imageAntelope Canyon has been on our bucket list for years and I am so happy we finally went. The pictures don’t do it any justice, its so beautiful and a must see. It was raining when we arrived so we had to wait it out for a bit to make sure there would be no flash flooding. Luckily the rain let up and we were able to continue with the tour.

They pile everyone in the back of pickup trucks (seated with benches) and drive you out to the canyon. Its a short drive but for us it was still raining and we were getting pelted in the face by rain, wind and sand. It was like an extreme excursion but we were laughing the entire time and making the most of it. Our tour guide (and the one behind us) wasn’t the greatest, they treated us like cattle once we were in there and we didn’t get any history or facts about the canyon…so instead of it being a “tour” it was more of a babysitter/line leader shoving you along. BUT…I am happy we chose the earlier tour at noon oppose to the later ones because once we were headed out it looked like the other groups were even more jam packed than ours was. I have heard there are some amazing tour guides out there though and really give you a lot of information and even help you capture the best pictures so I’m sure we just got unlucky with who we got paired with. It is beautiful and I would definitely recommend seeing it…hopefully you just get grouped with a better guide than we did. 😉

Hope everyone is having an awesome day & stay tuned for tomorrows post on Horseshoe Bend!





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