Horseshoe Bend

imageimage image image image imageimage image image image imageThis was my favorite spot of the whole trip…seriously so beautiful. We loved it so much we went twice. You park the car and its a little hike to the bend…I walked barefoot both times because the terrain is a soft, red sand…so nice! And there were so many people from all over the world there taking pictures, so awesome. A lot of crazy daredevils too who were standing so close to the edge, it was making me super nervous. I don’t know if its because I’m pregnant or what but I used to be like that and now its like I would be 5 feet from the edge and start to panic. Like my maternal instincts would tell me to back up. But anyways, it was amazing and if you haven’t been there you definitely should check it out.

From there we went back to Scottsdale, AZ and stayed at the Boulders Resort…SO PRETTY. We stayed in the cutest casita and had the best time…ate wayyy too much “bad for you” food and took bubble baths every night. ❤ We didn’t bring the camera there and we were so busy relaxing 😉 but I may do a post later of all the iphone pictures we took. Ian went golfing (I joined after the spa) and he saw a bobcat on the course…seriously so awesome. I love Arizona!

We got to see baby girl yesterday via ultrasound and she is doing great…growing so big and you can totally tell there’s a “big” bump there now. Its so exciting to think that she will be here in 17 weeks…so crazy and it makes me so giddy thinking about it. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great Friday…sure am happy its the weekend!



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