29 Week Update & Weekend Festivities

Ahhh…so much to catch up on. It has been such an amazing/busy week…so good! My best friend of 17 years flew into town and stayed with us for a week. The weather was hot, hot hot. I feel so bad because she always visits in July and it limits what to do while she’s here because of the heat. We went up to Sedona for the day and did some touristy stuff and the weather was a bit cooler up there.

Fourth of July was a blast….my sister and her boyfriend flew in so it was super nice to have them here. We had a relaxing pool day and grilled out.Then on Sunday we had our baby shower! My sister in law flew in too which was amazing, loved having everyone there.  I am so blessed to have a mother like I do, she went above and beyond and it turned out fantastic. Everything was so beautiful and we felt so loved. My sister knitted two baby blankets and they are absolutely amazing. So impressed she could make something like that…I need to upload some pictures of them because I’m obsessed with the detail. Have some serious nesting to do now and I love it!

On Monday we went to Lake Pleasant for the day and got so burnt. 🙈 Ugh, its seriously the worst….there was a cool breeze and didn’t even think about it. Kicking myself now though because being pregnant and burnt is the worst! I wish I could just sit in a cool bath all day until it goes away. Lesson learned! Wear your SPF people! Luckily I always wear a BB creme on my face so that didn’t get burned.

I will update soon with some more pictures of the weekend…we were so busy and in the moment we didn’t take nearly as many as I wished we would have. Also…I am super excited because I have teamed up with PinkBlush Maternity and have some amazing fashion shoots coming up…stay tuned!

My mom had these nail polishes made as party favors and they were the cutest! For the nail polish name at the bottom they said “Kennedy Gray Felschow”. 😍

Ians very best “Vintage Blonde” pose.

How far along?  29 weeks. Hellooooo third trimester!

Total weight gain: 145.2 lbs so far….25.2 lb gain. AHHH…I feel really good though.

Symptoms: None really other than heart burn.

Food cravings: Fruit, smoothies and lemon sorbet.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope!

Workouts: I should probably just take this question off at this point. Ha, none! Except we did go up to Sedona and did a little hike at Bell Rock. 

Wedding rings on/off: Still on…no swelling anywhere yet.

Stretch marks? None…still using the same belly creams daily.

Movement? All the time and the kicks are only getting harder and stronger…I love it! She started doing this kicks with all four limbs and its intense….like a starfish karate chop.

Name: Kennedy Gray 

Best moment this week: The baby shower and having my sisters and best friend in town.


Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



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  1. WILLIAM HAROLD GRAY July 11, 2015 — 2:31 am

    Along with your preg condition you have such a talent to express events. i really am so amazed because i have never seen this done before. You are so good at keeping family/friends up to date. Wish i could get to see you ,but that is out of the question. i am so proud of the way you have turned out to be a very special nice person. Take very good care princess. All my love and best wishes Grandad.


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