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This stage of pregnancy I feel as if it is getting harder and harder to dress the bump! I have some moments where I’ll just sit on the floor in my closet staring up pouting over having nothing to wear. I am sure if you are pregnant or have been you know those days when you try on 10 zillion things and just don’t feel cute in anything and then your husband has to try and make you feel better. Hopefully someone can relate! And I have been so reluctant to buy more maternity clothes because honestly most are down right hideous (I’m talking mumu’s and looking like you’re wearing a sack) or so dang expensive! Who wants to pay $200 for a dress they’ll only wear during pregnancy?! Not me! Then I discovered PinkBlush and saw they actually had fashionable maternity clothes for an amazing price. And what I love about their clothes is you can wear a lot of their items after pregnancy too which is a double win. Here I am wearing their lace kimono and love it because its so versatile and can definitely wear it again and again. It also comes in blue and mocha. (I may need to order both colors because I love it that much!)

I can’t believe I am already 30 weeks along! Where is the time going? We had our hospital tour last week which made it so much more real. Getting so excited for baby girl to come into this world. 💕 We have another ultrasound this week which I am so excited for, the tech said they will be able to guesstimate her birth weight and let us know if they think she will come early or not.

How far along?  30 weeks, 2 days – baby is the size of a butternut squash or a loaf of bread according to the dad comparisons.

Total weight gain: 147.4 lbs as of last night…my weight has been fluctuating by 3-4 lbs the past few weeks but its a 27ish lb gain so far which is insane to me!

Maternity clothes: Yes! I have been mostly wearing dresses and oogling PinkBlush  for some more options. Love this, this (it has pockets!) and this that they have on their site right now.

Symptoms: I have been have braxton hicks contractions here and there and major heart burn. Other than that I feel wonderful. I found that eating watermelon every day really really helps though more than anything.

Food cravings: Just lots and lots of fruit and otter pops.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing at all.

Workouts: Nope. Lazy McGee over here.

Wedding rings on/off: Still on. Been really lucky and haven’t had any swelling yet. *knock on wood*

Belly button: It’s pretty much all the way out these days…sometimes sneaks back in for a bit but I will consider it an “outie”.

Stretch marks? None so far! I feel like my belly has doubled in size these past few weeks so I have really been piling on the belly butter.

Have you felt the baby move? Yes, yes, yes. Little girl is strong and active.

Gender: GIRL!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for my next post featuring my favorite maternity piece. Happy Monday!



This post is sponsored by: PinkBlush Maternity


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  1. Great job, you look amazing!

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  2. Wow I wish Pink Blush was around when I was having babies ! I will recommend them to my pregnant friend. Love the pictures ! Your looking great and yes I can relate to those times when I couldn’t find anything nice to wear but glad you found these cute clothes !

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  3. Looking super cute Kelly! You are seriously one of the most adorable pregnant women ever and what an awesome line of maternity clothing! Congrats on your sponsorship!

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  4. What a beautiful outfit and it looks amazing on you Kelly. You will absolutely be able to wear this after the baby arrives. I had never heard of Pink Blush before, but will also definitely be telling everyone about it. I too wish Pink Blush was around when I was pregnant. Can’t wait to see more outfits!

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  5. The outfits are Brill, to me it is the wearer who catches the eye, a mans opinion of course, especially when it is the Grandad from afar

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