Here in Arizona it is hot, hot, hot. I wouldn’t dare wear jeans so dresses have been on repeat. I looove this tunic from PinkBlush. It’s lightweight material and and open shoulders make it perfect for the summer. I just paired it with a nude tank dress and some birkenstocks and was good to go! And yes, I love my birks. I don’t care what anyone says about them, they are comfy and that’s what matters when your heavy and pregnant. PinkBlush is now offering free shipping on all U.S orders with no minimum which is amazing…check them out for some adorable maternity (and non-maternity) styles!

And I am super excited because tomorrow we have our last ultrasound…can’t wait to see our babe and see how big she is. I feel like she’s going to be a huge baby for some reason…7 1/2 months along and she feels like a warrior in the womb. Sometimes when she kicks its sooo painful…but I still love it and smile every time she kicks me. ☺

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



This post is sponsored by: PinkBlush Maternity


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  1. Smoke show


  2. Omg LOVE that dress ! So pretty.

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  3. Wow. Stunning place. I’m always looking for fun new places to take my toddler to and soon newborn. Where is this place? I’m in Scottsdale as well.


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