This is by far the easiest and most inexpensive DIY I have ever done. I have soooo many pairs of sunnies laying around everywhere and decided it was time to put them (most of them) in one place.

This project cost less than $10 and took very little time.

What you need:

  • Cheap frame: $2-$5, I found my frame at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 and they had a ton. If you look in the sale section they will have lots of frames like this that are either a little banged up or ones people had custom made but never picked up. It’s a steal for projects like this!
  • Paint: Go to Home Depot and ask for a paint sample. $1.94-$3.38 depending on the brand. We do this alllll the time for mini projects and its a great way to try out multiple colors.
  • String of any kind. I picked up a lacy style  from Hobby Lobby for $1.20
  • Tacks (flat head kind)
  • Optional: Frame hanger…a lot of the frames I saw already had these but mine didnt. You can pick up a kit from Home Depot for less than $2.00 if you need to add brackets to hang it up.


and After:

Step 1 – Clean your frame of any dirt/dust.

Step 2 – Pick out your paint color.

Step 3 – Paint it! I ended up doing two coats to make sure it was evenly covered. Step 4 – Add your frame hanger (if needed) and simply tack on the string. I made sure it wasn’t too tight but not too loose either. Notice mine was not pretty nor painted in the back…Lazy McGee over here.And voila! Admire your shiny new frame and hang up those sunnies! I hung mine up in my closet and it makes a nice new addition.

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  1. soooo cool!


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