I have always loved a good graphic tee, especially when they are super soft. I have been living in these ones lately and am obsessed. I even throw Ian’s on sometimes when mine are in the wash. Our’s are from Gnarly Grail and they are seriously the softest.  We got matching hubby and wifey ones and wear them out in public and are that couple and I love it. They have sooo many cute ones too and at a great price. Makes a great gift for an upcoming mommy and daddy or a bride and groom.

We spent the weekend lounging and basically doing nothing…it is so dang hot here and we  hibernated indoors for the majority of the weekend. We did manage to step outside for a bit and take a little walk around the lake and Ian got some golfing in. So lucky to have all this in our backyard but will be enjoying it a ton more once it cools off a bit. Being eight months preggo in this heat is brutal.

I don’t think I’ve done a pregnancy update in a bit so here’s some updates…

How far along?  32 weeks, 2 days.

Total weight gain: Dare I say? It’s been at a steady 149 these past couple weeks. 29 lb gain…good lord!

Symptoms: My heartburn has been so much better lately, I swear eating watermelon daily helps a ton.

Food cravings: Same really…mango’s, watermelon, pineapple. And otter pops.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope!

Workouts: I did start doing some squat workouts but that’s about it.

Wedding rings on/off: Still on…no swelling anywhere yet.

Stretch marks? None…still using the same belly creams daily.

Movement? We have a strong baby…some of her kicks/jabs are so painful and shocking but I really do love it still. She moves constantly.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday…where did the weekend go?!

XOXO, vintage

 This post is sponsored by: Gnarly Grail 

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