Hellllooooo 34 weeks and ginormous baby bump! Ahhh…I am getting so excited! We spent the day at my parents celebrating my youngest sisters birthday and had to take some pictures with their newest addition…a pet chicken. I love it so much, that chicken is seriously the friendliest and it makes me want to get a dozen of them and have my own little chicken coop. (If my husband would allow it!) Also…how spot on is our American Gothic pose? 😏

After my sisters party we went up to Dobbins Point for some pictures. We had been meaning to go up there for years and the last time we tried to go it was closed so it was nice to finally just see it. It was 117 degrees and we were both dying but the views were worth it. I can see why most women do their maternity photos around 30 weeks because I feel so huge now and swear I have cankles but I know I will love looking back on all our pictures we’ve taken. My dress is from Pink Blush Maternity and I love it because its such a fantastic quality and the material is nice and heavy, yet its not too hot to wear. It also comes in green, light blue and pink and its such a great dress to be able to dress up or down. I decided to dress it down with some Jeffrey Campbell booties and a hat I found at Urban Outfitters. It’s a great dress if you have a wedding or fancy event to go to.

Now its time for a little pregnancy update…

How far along?  34 weeks, 2 days.

Total weight gain: Up to 152 now…32 lb total gain. *crying inside*

Symptoms: Still getting heartburn every now and then…I have to eat watermelon every. single. day. to keep it at bay.

Food cravings: Fruit and popsicles.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope!

Workouts: None.

Wedding rings on/off: Still on. No finger swelling yet but I feel like after a long work day my ankles and calves look sooo swollen. Have to try and prop them up more.

Stretch marks? None yet! I recently found an organic skincare line that I looove. It’s called Green Earth Naturals and the products are made with 100% certified organic oils. I have been using the belly oil and love the way it smells. I apply it morning and night and its been working great! They have a wonderful pregnancy and postpartum line  as well as other skincare products. I highly recommend them if you care what you’re putting into your skin.

Movement? Sooo…we had a mini scare last week. I was at work and felt a horrible pressure in my upper abdominal area and it felt so sensitive just to touch, like a really bad bruise. Then for about 2 hours after I wasn’t feeling much movement and this baby moves like crazy alllll the time so I called my doctor and they recommended I go into OB triage just to be safe. We get there and we immediately hear her heart beat which was such a relief. They wanted to continue to monitor me and do an ultrasound just to be safe and make sure there was nothing wrong with my liver, kidneys, etc. Turns out baby girl flipped herself over and is now breech. And all her heavy/violent movement caused a bit of internal bruising. Four hours later we were allowed to go home and luckily I think she was able to flip herself back over because now her movements feel normal again. Thank goodness for my amazing husband…I know a lot of women probably say this but I really do have the most amazing husband in the world and I feel so lucky to have him. He kept me so calm and was making me laugh the entire time during our mini hospital stay and I love that about him. ☺

Best moment this week: Realizing I have only 3 weeks left of work!!! Whaaaat?! So excited. We have been slowly finishing up the nursery too which has been fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great rest of the week!




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  1. 😍😍😍


  2. Great pictures ! Love that dress!


  3. Perhaps it is now time to slow down, just a little as you near the great event. I read with interest all your Vintage Blond items. Love and take care. So very pleased you have the right man by your side, love to you both and best wishes from afar, Grandad.


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