What’s In My Hospital Bag?


IMG_0948I will be the first to say that I am an extreme over packer, its bad! But when I first started dating Ian he made me pack everything into a carry on because he hates having to check luggage. Between having to worry about bags getting lost or stolen and saving the extra time it takes to check/claim them its worked for us.  So, I quickly learned how to make the most of space and fit everything I want into a weekender size bag.

I slacked for the longest time packing my hospital bag. It kind of felt like I was packing for a weekend getaway but then I was quickly brought back to reality when packing all the postpartum necessities. I figured I would share what I would be packing in hopes it may help some other new mommies. And I just want to say a huge thank you to my Instagram friends and followers who helped me create this list…without you I would have forgot some major must have items. p.s – sorry if this is a little long….


  • Comfy p.j’s – I love love love the cute little sets Victoria Secret has…I also love their  flannel sets that are super cozy and over sized…I made sure to pack both a long sleeve set and short.
  • Delivery/Nursing Robe – I know the hospital provides you with these but the ones they have are hideous and smell so gross. PinkBlush came out with a super cute version and I’ve already been living in mine. Its super silky and light and still makes you feel pretty and human.
  • Slippers – I had the cutest slippers custom made for baby and I. They are matching and I am obsessed with them.  Annie K’s Creations makes the most adorable items and puts so much love and care into each and every stitch. They will be perfect to bring to the hospital and to wear again and again.
  • Socks – My husband is a sock junkie…he easily has over 50 pairs of fun/funky socks so I just raided his drawer for these.
  • Undies – I was told to get grannie panties because you wont want to “ruin” your nice lingerie. I went with these because they had great reviews and were super cheap. Warning: the white style will make you look exactly like Homer Simpson…the big preggo belly just adds to it.
  • Nursing Tanks & Bras – I have been living in the Calvin Klein sports bras…seriously so comfy and perfect for pregnancy. I plan on bring those and recently found a comfy nursing one I love by Cake. I also ordered a few off Amazon for backups.
  • Nursing cream – I have been loving this tummy cream from Pantry Products. It smells delicious! They also make a Nursing Balm that I am for sure bringing. I love that its completely natural and lanolin free.
  • Toiletries – Shampoo & Conditioner (I’m bringing dry shampoo), Lotion, Toothbrush, Toothpaste (my favorite!),  Floss, Deodorant, Face Wash  (bringing my own wash clothes), Face Wipes (these Burt’s Bees wipes have been a favorite of mine and figured they would be handy to bring), Brush/Comb.
  • Makeup bag – I’m just bringing a few products like foundation, mascara and lots of chapstick. Also bringing a really good moisturizer.  Hair ties and bobby pins are a must too and a headband.
  • Going Home Outfit – I packed a loose tank from ILY Couture and a few over sized tees from Brandy Melville…I love their shirts because they are the softest and super slouchy/cozy….everyone told me to pack loose clothing so I thought they would be perfect.  I also packed a super cute nursing dress from PinkBlush…figured it would be cute to wear too for those first few pictures with baby. I am also bringing my underbust maternity support tank…I wore this throughout pregnancy and loved it. I am not sure if I will need/want to wear it coming home or not but figured it wouldn’t hurt to just bring it. I hear its a new mom must have and helps alleviate back pain and helps to suck everything back in.
  • Nursing pillow & regular pillow. I plan on just bringing the boppy and a pillow from home for comfort.
  • Snacks and Gum – Everyone told me to make sure we brought both, which I never would of thought to bring.
  • Fun Stuff – Heavy flow maxi pads, nursing pads, tucks wipes, nipple shield (I had never heard of this before but apparently its a new mom must have, sooo many people told me to bring one to the hospital).


  • Going Home Outfit – We got a few onesies from Pygmy Peapod and love them! If you are having a baby soon I highly recommend their store for cute coming home outfits…so many to choose from.
  • Hats & Bows – Bringing a few of each.
  • Receiving Blankets – My favorite swaddle blankets are from KB Cute Designs. They are seriously the softest blankets ever and come in the prettiest patterns. They also make crib sheets, boppy covers and changing pad covers and I love their whole shop.
  • Diaper Bag – Ian surprised me with a Petunia Picklebottom and I am obsessed with it. I have had it for a few months now and have been dying to use it. Its so spacious and has a little pull out changing pad it in. Its perfect too if you still want to look stylish. 💕
  • Mittens & Socks – Just bringing a few pairs of each.
  • Burp Cloths – Bringing a few Aden & Anais burp clothes…I love the patterns and they are made of made of organic cotton muslin which is awesome.


  • Change Of Clothes
  • Pillow & Blanket
  • Car Seat – We installed this into the car last week and hoping we did it correctly. I read that 9 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly so we will just have someone at the hospital check to make sure its right. We were told to take it to our local fire station and they could do it but apparently due to insurance reasons they no longer can.
  • Fully Charged Camera – bringing an extra memory card just in case.
  • Computer – not sure if we will need this, probably not but its on a lot of the universal lists out there.
  • Chargers – Bringing a phone charger with an extra long cord is helpful too so it can reach the bed.
  • Magazines/Book


  • Insurance cards and ID card
  • Birth Plan – I honestly have yet to do this….will work on it tonight. Found a helpful template I will probably use.
  • Any hospital forms you may need
  • Massage tools

And that’s it!….I probably forgot something and will have to add it later but that’s whats in my bag(s) for now. Hopefully this helps some mamas out there. 😘

Hope everyone is having an amazing day!!!





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  1. Kennedy’s room is BEAUTIFUL! And I love all your stuff packed for the hospital especially your gray slippers! Just one bit of advice. Do NOT bring pepperoni for Ian’s snack like I did for D because I made him gargle or do his teeth because I couldn’t stand his breath when he was helping me breathe!


  2. Love your list! We also brought a nightlight with us, sometimes the hospital lights were soooo bright the night light helped a lot. Also bring a hoodie or button up t-shirts for Ian it will be easier for skin skin with baby. So excited for you!


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