Kennedy Gray Felschow – A Birth Story




She’s here! Kennedy was born September 29th, 9:58am. 21 inches and weighing in at 9 pounds, 3 ounces. Looking back at all these pictures is so emotional, I feel like I am reliving the day and it was seriously the best moment ever.

At my 39 week appointment my doctor stripped my membranes and was so sure she would be coming that weekend. Nothing happened. Ian and I were so giddy and excited thinking it would happen and were on pins and needles waiting for any sign of labor. My doctor said if I didn’t have the baby by that weekend to come in on Monday to start the induction process.

Monday rolls around and I am so anxious and nervous for the appointment, Ian came with me of course as we were so close to the due date and knew I could go into labor at anytime. My doctor decided to induce with a foley ballon and good lord, it was intense. I can’t even describe what it felt like but it didn’t feel good. My doctor was positive that would start the labor process so she told us the hospital would be calling us sometime between midnight and 9am to come in and have the baby. What?! This is when it really sunk in that we were having ourย baby so soon! We were so excited and anxiously waiting for that phone call.

It was so hard to fall asleep that night and we really didn’t think they would call us until the morning. 12:22am the phone rings and it’s the hospital calling telling us to pack our bags and they were ready for me. SO many emotions on that car ride to the hospital and yet I was so calm and so relaxed. Ian was such an amazing husband and we were just singing and smiling that whole ride to the hospital. I think that really helped with my labor too because I was never scared, just ready to have our baby. Ian created a “go time” list of things we needed to do/grab before we left the house and I am so grateful he did that. It made it so we weren’t rushed and scrambling to get out of the house.We got to the hospital at 1:25am and got the party started.

I started having some contractions but was only dilated to a 1 so they gave me pitocin at 3am to help move it along. They were able to take me off of it soon after as my contractions were now coming every 2 minutes. My water broke at 3:25am and I didn’t even realize it but Ian heard it and noticed it dripping into the pan under the bed. The pain got intense and the contractions were so real, as much as I wanted to have a natural birth I decided I needed that epidural. The anesthesiologist arrived at 4am and I was in heaven. I was able to fall asleep and felt even more so relaxed.ย My nurse came in every 30 minutes to check on my dilation and I was stuck at a 4 every time. Her shift ended at 7am and she came in at 6:45am one last time to check on me. She was shocked to find that I was dilated to a 10 already and it was almost time to push. She introduced me to the new shift starting and that nurse was shocked at my progression as well. She called my doctor to find out where she was and found out she was in an emergency surgery until 9:30am. Ugh, I had 3 hours of having to hold this baby in.

At this point I was kind of worried because I wanted my doctor to deliver and didn’t know anything about the on call doctor. I remained calm and tried to get some more sleep. I started feeling the contractions stronger and stronger and they didn’t hurt to the point where they were unbearable but I could feel tremendous amounts of pressure. 9:30 rolls around and the nurses come in and tell me it’s time to start pushing…I don’t know how or why but I was feeling so calm, ready and relaxed. I start pushing and they tell me to stop while they try to figure out where my doctor was, I could here her on the phone asking for her ETA and to get the on call doctor on their way just in case.

Finally my doctor walks in and at this point I’ve already been crowning and Kennedy was full force on her way out. 4 series of pushes and she was born at 9:58am. It was the strangest/coolest feeling when she slid out of me, I don’t even know how to describe it. The doctors and nurses kept saying how big she was which was funny because I knew she was going to be a big girl. I was 8lbs, 9oz at birth and Ian was 9lb, 6oz. My entire pregnancy even up until week 40 my doctor told me she only thought she would be a 7 pounder.

I got to watch Ian cut the umbilical cord and that’s when the emotions really kicked in. So much love! We were both crying and just in awe of our baby girl. Such an amazing feeling creating this little being and no words can describe it. The very best day.




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  1. She is so perfect ๐Ÿ˜


  2. She is absolutely gorgeous,didn’t expect anything less,with you both as parents she was bound to be.enjoy every moment with her.wishing you all good luck,health,and happiness. When you having the next one?.only joking.โ˜บ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•.linda


  3. Kimberley M. McQueen October 5, 2015 — 8:45 am

    So absolutely thrilled for you and Ian! And I’m so happy you had such a wonderful “birth” day for Baby Kennedy!

    You looked absolutely beautiful and serene, not easy to do!




  4. Thanks for sharing your birth story with us! It’s amazing how every birth experience is so unique! Kennedy (love that name) is precious! You can tell that you and Ian are so in love with her. Best of luck in your new journey as a mother. The first year goes by so quickly, enjoy her being so little now because pretty soon you’ll struggle to remember her being like that! And btw you look amazing! Looking forward to your posts with little one ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. wow!! I just cried!! so so very different to when I had Oliver a year ago the very next day… we were only in hospital for 13 minutes before he was born..I was a complete warrior (apparently!) and stayed at home as long as possible..too long! Wonderful to read your story Kelly, I am so so happy for you both! Kennedy is absolutely beautiful…if there wasn’t thousands of miles between us I would be straight round to cuddle her! xoxo


  6. Susan Gray Adams October 6, 2015 — 1:51 pm

    AMAZING PICTURES AND BIRTH STORY! Perfect magical moments were caught on camera! Beautiful baby & Beautiful family. I love the one where she looks so relaxed and smily like she really had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    PS Welcome to the world Kennedy! You have a big amazing family on both sides who Love you so much already! Love Grandmother ( Lolly & pops! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Sincerely Reckless...Religiously Vogue October 11, 2015 — 11:06 am

    CONGRATULATIONS, she is perfect


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