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TANK: Scout & Cloth (on sale!) // SKIRT: Scout & Cloth // HAT: David & Young  // SUNNIES: Ray-Ban // NECKLACES: The Silver Wren (here & here) //  SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell — On Kennedy: ONESIE: The Pine Torch // HEADBAND: Little Elle Boutique // PLUSH: Taylor & Rain 

It has been a fabulous first week with our new bundle of joy. I don’t want to jinx it but she has been such a wonderful baby! Sleeps throughout the night, I will wake her to feed or she will do tiny kitten whimpers to let me know she’s hungry.  She only really cries if she wants to be fed or needs a diaper change. These past few days though, she is an eating machine. I will feed her every two hours and she will still want more. I have to pump every 4 hours or so because my boobs have been on overdrive. And now I know where the term “Don’t cry over spilled milk” comes from….I had pumped a good 6oz or so and knocked over the entire bottle and totally wanted to cry! And its funny because I’m not much of a shy person but never would of thought I would be comfortable just whipping a boob out to feed. I guess motherhood changes you but I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a thing.

A little update on me: The first few days out of the hospital were rough, Kennedy was great but my body felt like it was hit by a truck. Also for me, breast feeding right out the gate was super hard for me. The first couple days it was so difficult for her to get a good latch which was so frustrating for me and her.  Once my milk came in and I got more comfortable with the feeding positions it became a breeze. So, my advice for new mamas like me is to just stick with it because it will get easier!

My total weight gain when we checked in to the hospital for birth was 48 pounds and have since lost 24 with 24 more to go. We have just been doing our little walks around the neighborhood or parks but I’m ready to get out there and start hiking again.

And a huuuuge shout out to my husband, I think hes a part of why everything been so easy. He has been making me breakfasts every morning and making sure I eat and take my prenatals. Ha, its crazy because people would tell me once you have a newborn you’ll forget about yourself and you totally do! The first few days home I wasn’t hungry at all and completely forgot to feed myself so I am grateful for him looking out. He’s such a great dad too and will always want to hold her or steal her from me. I truly feel blessed and thankful to have him as my husband. ðŸ’•

I have some super fun blog posts and collaborations coming up too so stay tuned! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday and enjoying this cooler weather.



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  1. Congrats again to you & Ian! With regards to nursing, try lying down side by side. I had a rough beginning nursing Odin, but that position was always a go-to for us, and has the added benefit of being extra snuggle time! I ended up nursing him to 15 months!


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