The Owlet Smart Sock

When Kennedy was born I instantly became obsessed with her. We brought her home from the hospital and all I could do was stare. My biggest problem was nights and when it was time to go to bed. Kennedy slept and still sleeps like a rock and it worried me. I would check on her constantly to make sure she was okay and breathing. I don’t know why but you hear all these terrible stories and I became a bit of a paranoid mama. And that’s where the most ingenious product came in…the Owlet Smart Sock. It seriously has helped so much with my anxiety and I have been able to sleep more peacefully.

The Vintage Blonde - Owlet Smart Sock

It’s a cute little sock you place on your babies foot and it’s super easy to use and set up. The Owlet Baby Monitor uses the same type of technology hospitals use to check heart rate and oxygen saturation and will notify you if your babies heart rate dips below 60 beats per minute, rises above 220 beats per minute, or if their oxygen level drops below 80 percent. It’s smart phone compatible and will connect to any apple device. The best part is that its connected through low power bluetooth so if your phone dies or your internet goes out, your base station will still alert you if your baby stops breathing.  We will soon be going on our first date night away from baby and I was so nervous thinking about leaving her, I love that this has remote access so we can easily check on her while we’re out. This video is great and helps if you’re like me and need a good visual.

The Vintage Blonde - Owlet Smart Sock

Right now Kennedy wears the newborn sock, it looks a little different because it doesn’t have the toe cap and the owl goes on the bottom of the foot rather than the top. Then once shes grown a bit she will use the bigger sock size and the owl will be on the top of her foot. The sock fits most babies until they are 18 months of age. Its design is perfect because you can still put your baby in footie pajamas and they can still wear socks. Its so low profile and comfortable that Kennedy doesn’t even notice it on her. Its also hypoallergenic and can easily be washed. New babies poop a lot and unfortunately during a 4am change she explosively pooped everywhere…like a disaster poop! Some of it got on the sock and I easily removed the electronics and was able to hand wash it, good as new!

This sock is seriously genius and I think every new parent should have one. It definitely gives you peace of mind and has helped me feel more at ease knowing this little device will alert me if something is wrong. It’s a serious mommy must have for me.

 Click here to order the Owlet Smart Sock, if you order through the Vintage Blonde you’ll receive an exclusive discount of $20 off your order.



This post is sponsored by Owlet Baby Care. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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