So Worth Loving 


Good Morning and Happy Monday! I’ve been a huge fan of the Soothe Shirt ever since Kennedy was born. If you follow me on Instagram you will/have seen me wearing it A LOT.

The Soothe Shirt is a stylish top, cozy pouch and a nursing bra all-in-one. They just launched a new shirt collaborating with So Worth Loving and I’m obsessed, I’ve been wearing it everyday. The message is so strong and speaks to new mothers about the importance of us loving ourselves so our kids witness that love and in turn, reflect it within themselves. I believe that is SO important for our children to see especially with all the negativity and bullying out there in this world.

The shirt also has a head support that flips up to hold your baby’s head while they sleep and easily tucks back into the pouch when not in use. Kennedy is a big baby and over 13 lbs now so the head support isn’t large enough to cover her head anymore like it did when she was a newborn. She still loves to be in it but likes to have her arms out now. The shirt works for babies up to 15lbs and I’m honestly going to be so sad once she outgrows it. It’s definitely on my list of new mom must haves. You can see my previous review on it here when Kennedy was only 4 days old.

Snatch one of these up before they sell out and remember…you are so worth loving! 😘

Hoping everyone has a wonderful day!



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